Poison Oak:

Leader: Leopardstar

Deputy: BriarHeart

Kits: unkown

Medicine Cat: Unkown






Warriors: unkown

Kits: unkown

Apprentices: unkown

Forest Clan:

Leader: Amber Star

Medicine Cat: Becca (possibly)

Deputy: (they still desiding)

Warrior: JayClaw (possibly)

Apprentices: unkown

Kits: (ones i know of) Blueachu, Fire Fur,CinderLeaf, and SnowCrystal.

SkyFall Clan

Leader: HollyLeaf (i think)

Deputy: none (i think) xD

Warriors: too much to name

MedicineCat: StormLeaf (i think)

Kits: to many to name

Apprentices: T many to name

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