If u think im mean dont think that i am a nice loving she-cat i luv to hunt and i luv to fish, but some times i do pick fights. If any is in my territory that i dont like i will give them one chance to explain, though i hate clans that im allies with in my territory because it makes me mad. Anyways our territory is Lavender Coast it's huge xD. I am not allies with Poison Ivy Clan though. Im allies with Poison Oak Mountain Clan Equinox Clan  and Shadowzz Clan. We do not like wolfs whatsoever, We have no drama unless we get in a fight that hurt one of our cats. I want to give a shout out to IceStorm (BubbleStar) for helping me with this wiki. My cat age is 8 years. I am a Pure white Saber Tooth and i am a black molten lava tiger. I teach my kits are 2 months how to hunt. I teach my med apprentices how to work. And i also help with the food pile, i am not like a queen telling people what to do. I am nice not mean. thats all for today. Thanks!~BloodClawEdit

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